Being an entrepreneur especially an online entrepreneur does get lonely sometimes. Especially when your spouse, family or partner don’t support or understand what you do.
With all the free and paid content, you consume on a daily basis its hard to actually implement them and take action in your business. It’s also hard to see the results and achievements you’re getting in your brand. This is why a mastermind will grow your brand.
A mastermind helps you get off the online world and actually connect with humans! Even if you’re meeting online, the fact that you get to see, meet and talk to an actual person helps create momentum in your business. It also creates relationships and bonds that will last forever. You will create friendships and connections you never thought possible which in turn will grow your brand because you have people who will vouch for you and send you referrals with the right ideal clients for your business.
Why a Mastermind Will Grow Your Brand
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There are two types of mastermind groups

  1. Peer to peer groups
  2. Leader/ expert lead groups (like group coaching programs)
All are great depending on what you’re looking for. I personally like Peer-to-Peer masterminds because it’s intimate, it’s filled with people from diverse industries, and your voice gets heard.

Why should you join a mastermind group?

To bond as a group

The more intimate the group the more bonding you’ll get. This also helps you be authentic and real when you are with like-minded peers. Your voice gets to be heard and you get the specific help you actually need for your business. You get to really know each individual on a personal level and form lasting bonds.
  • To focus on business goals
Generally, the way most masterminds work is, after the initial introductions, set up of rules, and set up of general meeting times + tasks then one person gets to be on the “hot seat” and just discuss where they are in their business, current problems they have and what their business goals are.
In turn, your fellow members give you insight and feedback on how to go about doing the things you just asked feedback for. It really is that simple. You’ll get a lot of great ideas on how to grow your business and how to go about setting the strategies to achieve your goals
  • To connect and build relationships
In business, it’s all about connecting and building relationships. Your business thrives on relationships. Therefore be conscious of how you build your relationships. Don’t be the one who’s constantly asking for advice and taking a chunk of time talking about your issues. Be genuine and authentic. Be helpful by providing resources you think will help your fellow member achieve their desired results.
Just like how you have friends you hang out with, your mastermind buddies are your biz besties so treat them as such. Send handwritten thank you notes in the mail and connect with them on a deeper level.
  • Helps build confidence
On-line social groups like Facebook groups or Linkedin groups can make you feel like you’re not being heard or you’re just overwhelmed with all the stuff out there. With a mastermind group, you’re in an inner circle. Therefore you’re more confident to speak up and voice your opinions without feeling judged or lost. You’re more likely to open up and be yourself once you get to know your biz besties.
  • Helps you gain insight and perspective on your business
With all the feedback you get from being on the ‘hot seat’, you get to gain a different insight and perspective of ways you can go about growing your business. If someone in the group knows who to grow an engaged list and they share that with you even though you knew how to grow a list but not an engaged one, that’s a new perspective you just learned.
I encourage you to join a mastermind today. Whether it’s offline or online, you’ll definitely see the benefits and watch your business grow. Will you join a mastermind today?

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