Branding is more than just a logo or eye-catching design. It goes beyond how a brand looks and actually focuses on two main things.

Emotions and Experience. If you’re not connecting with your audience, building relationships with them and giving them an experience they’ll never forget then you’re truly missing the concept of branding. Let’s break down the two key things that will help you infuse your personality into your brand.

How to Infuse Your Personality Into Your Brand
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You’ve experienced a lot in life. Your story is what helps connect you to your audience. It’s just sharing about all you’ve accomplished, it’s about going in deep and sharing the things that will inspire someone else who may be in the same position as you. 

Creating a brand story goes going back to where it all started. Why did you create your business? What inspired you? Who inspired you? Your audience already sees you as a person with influence, power, and are inspired by you. But before you became who you are today, you were once just like them. You’ve stood in their shoes. Your brand story also shapes the products or services you’ve created. They came about because you saw a need in the market. Infuse your experiences with your brand to better connect with your audience.


Branding evokes emotions in us. Whether they are good or bad, when you see a brands tagline, colors, logo, imagery, they all evoke an emotion and response. A good example is Nike. When you see the check mark, you instantly feel ready to tackle anything. When you see a Nike ad, you definitely feel inspired to get up and get moving.

That’s the emotion you want to infuse in your brand.If you have a warm and bubbly personality, infuse that in your brands’ imagery and messaging. Be your authentic self. Don’t try and be someone your not. Because people can sense inauthenticity from a mile away. 

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