What are your customers greeted with when they first see you online?

How your brand identity or lack thereof affects your marketing strategy reflects highly on who you are and what you do. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be someone who you’re not. Your brand identity is what you visually represent to your audience that includes your logo design + elements, your messaging/communication, and the brand experience.

Branding Vs. Marketing

Brand Strategy

Focuses on long-term assets like loyalty, consistency, influence, experience and reach to ensure your customers remain fans of the brand.

Marketing Strategy

Drives customers to a particular item or thing that’s being offered for a limited time i.e products, sales, discounts etc.

1. Establishing yourself as an expert in your niche

You are an expert in your industry. Yes, you are. You know things that your clients don’t, you do things differently from your competitors and that’s why you do what you do.

So if you don’t have a logo, a defined color palette, a website, or social media presence, how would you expect people to know who you are?

Having a solid and brand identity in place before you go out and market yourself will help build the like, trust and know factor. If you want people to buy from you, then your brand identity has to be consistent.

How Your Brand Identity or Lack Thereof Affects Your Marketing Strategy
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2. Conveying your messaging clearly

After you’ve identified who you are, what you do, what your brand values are, your mission, your vision, your unique selling proposition and also your audience we need now to come and bring all of these elements together and create your brand message.

Start with the way you communicate/talk. Are you humorous, quirky, technical? How you talk (and write) helps define your brand message. Your brand voice really helps convey the message, visuals and whatever else you’re doing to capture your audience’s attention.

Your core values play a big role in shaping your brand message because they’re based on your personality and your voice. And your voice is how you speak.

I will tell be the first to tell you to write like how you speak. I mean how else will you able to connect with your audience if you don’t use your authentic voice to write to your audience?

3. Branding is an experience

What experience are you giving your clients? Your experience is unique to you and it’s all about the details. If you don’t have an established brand identity, how else would you be able to give your client that unique experience that makes them want to work with you or buy your products over and over again?

The brand experience also includes being consistent be it in using your color palette, imagery, writing style, brand elements like typography, and even posting times/schedules.

Your brand identity helps communicate your values, your personality, your products/services and your niche. Without any of these, you’re simply a ghost lurking in the shadows.

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