Creating a brand identity is not that hard to execute. It’s also not what you think. A brand identity is not your logo or your overall aesthetics, your brand identity is part of the strategy for your business.

Here’s how defining your brand helps you create a unique brand that no one can replicate.

How to Define Your Brand Identity
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Brand Message

Your brand needs to stand for something. What was the reason you started your business in the first place? What are your values? Meaning what does your business stand for? How you convey your story to your audience so it relates to them really impacts your brand to communicate what’s important.

Brand Essence

A brand is established by its values. The core values that your brand lives by should be portrayed authentically. People can smell bullshit Brands from a mile away! If you don’t want to be in their bullshit radar then you need to start being authentic.

Authentic brands are built from the inside out. That means your team and any other person you work with need to be aligned to your brand values.

Online Presence

These days if you don’t know what social media is then you’ve been hiding under a rock and you need to get out ASAP! In order for your brand to grow, you need to tap into the online world and connect with your audience on a whole other level.

The small details like having a site that’s easy and simple to navigate, clearly state what you do and help build a list is essential for your online presence.

Having an online presence will help in establishing your authority or expertise in your niche and build brand awareness. It will also introduce your brand to a lot more people who may potentially be your ideal clients.

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