Social media has been changing the game when it comes to branding. Customers buy from online brands more than they did 10 years ago! So it’s crucial for your business to go where you’re customers are. On social media that is!

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Be Authentic

Be yourself. Show your vulnerable side. Show behind the scenes of your business. This will help you connect with your customers in a more real way. You are human after all so act like it!

Involve your followers

Involve your followers in your campaigns, your posts and all that you do online when it comes to your brand. Ask them what they’d like to get from your brand. Get in the comments and answer their questions

Be consistent

You have to show up consistently in order to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Strive to add value to your audience’s lives and not just bombarding them with content that not useful for them.

Your visuals play a big role in your brand and how your audience perceives you. Make sure your visuals are consistent and in-line with your brand. Unless you’re using stock photos, make sure your images have your logo, or name on them so your audience can recognize your brand.

Create actionable content

So you’ve posted your photo then your caption. And you hear crickets. You need to let your audience know what you need them to do. Click the link in your bio? Let them know. Like your photo? Let them know. Suggest good restaurants in Seattle. Let them know! It’s simple as that. People like to be told what to do so tell ’em!

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