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Building a brand is surely not easy. Building a brand that’s memorable is easy. But you need to have an identity first in order to build a memorable brand. Read these 3 ways to build a memorable brand.

1. Build an Identity


How can you build an identity? You start by thinking visually. The identity would be through your logo your topography, your style, your graphics and your values this is all an identity and this is how you can get to build an identity. People need to know how they can identify with you. how can they relate to you on a level that they will eventually become your customers and eventually become your loyal fans.

That’s why branding is really important in the first stages of building your business because this is how you get to build that identity, connect with people and for people to visually see who you are what you do and why you do what you do.

Need help creating your brand identity? Check out my design package that includes a brand strategy session, custom logo, a color palette, typography and mood board designed to help you make a memorable brand.

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2. Consistency


Consistency is key when building your brand. Being inconsistent confuses your ideal audience. Therefore when you’re first starting out building your brand you need to sit down and come up with a plan and a great way to do so is by first identifying who your talking too.

Who is that one particular dream client your trying to attract? Then start curating inspirational images, fonts, color palettes that you can incorporate in your brand. My mini brand plan worksheet is a sure way to help you identity who your ideal client is, craft your why and discover your brands core values so you can create a consistent brand.

Once you’ve visually seen how you want your brand to be portrayed, either hire a designer or DIY your own brand by creating the logo, picking the typography and color palettes. I know it can be overwhelming in the beginning and that’s ok.

As your business grows so does your brand and it’s ok to re-brand as you grow (however please don’t do this every year. Only do it when it’s necessary).

Then consistently incorporate your brand elements in your business. Whether it’s your products, website, newsletter emails, or social media. People will not only associate your brand elements to your brand but your images as well.

3. Make an Impact


How do you make an impact? By being authentic. Strive for transformations and the results your services or products offer. Show that you are human! You have feelings, emotions and senses.

Share these in your message. It’s not always ‘business as usual’. Show your personal side like family time, gym time, rants, wins, frustrations etc. Build a personal brand first and the business brand will follow.

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