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Katie was a winner to a Instagram giveaway I did! I was giving a away a pre-made branding collection which includes a logo, moodboard and color palette already picked out.

The reason why I she won was not only becsue she followed the rules of the giveaway, but one of the questions i asked to the participants was “why would they benefit from this giveaway”. Her response was

“I’m working on a dream of mine, to finally stand out instead of being passed by. I’m currently in a huge transition from my current workplace to redefining what work looks like for me – finding joy, focusing on positive. I’ve always taken care of everyone else’s needs, and finally want to focus on my needs, desires and passions. My husband is currently working a demanding schedule in residency, I’m in trying hard to equip myself with the tools to be launched successfully and beyond. This would help greatly, and no one could appreciate the boost more than me. Thanks for this giveaway, no matter who wins!”

Her response really touched me because i’ve been exactly where she was. Being a newbie, you don’t have everything figured out. And she deserved to be taken care of especially with her branding needs.

Check out the final design of the branding template she chose.

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