Instagram For Business

Instagram For Business

Instagram has rolled out 2 features this year, Instagram for Business and Insta Stories. Since snapchat is all the rage right now, Instagram thought it best to roll out Insta stories as well ( they haven’t really named it Insta stories, it’s sort of what everyone’s calling it). But today we’ll focus more Instagram for Business and why you actually need it.

Instagram has rolled out 2 features this year, Instagram for Business and Insta Stories. Since snapchat is all the rage right now, Instagram thought it best to roll out Insta stories as well ( they haven’t really named it Insta stories, it’s sort of what everyone’s calling it). But today we’ll focus more Instagram for Business and why you actually need it.

It helps make it easy for your customers to contact you. Switching to a business account, you get to connect your business to your customers easily because it actually connects to your Facebook Business Page. If you don’t have a Facebook Business page then switching your account won’t work.

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Now we’ll go into the analytics which is what Instagram for Business is all about. This tool is so beneficial to your business because you get to see where you most of your engagement come from, what post get the most engagement and what are the best times to post. With these three things you’re able to better target your posts and create posts that you know your audience likes. Instagram categorizes this by impressions, reach, website clicks and followers.

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Knowing who your audience is and where they are is key to running a successful business on Instagram. The analytics go even further to break down gender, age range, top locations and hours + days your followers are most active. So instead of inconsistent posting, you’ll now know when the best days post and the best time as well. The gender and location analytics are also great when it comes to Instagram ads. You can better target your ads by countries that engage with your content.

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Lastly,you can easily promote your posts right on your feed. Since Facebook owns Instagram, your ads will be connected to your Facebook business account and vice versa.

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I’d love to know have you converted your account into a Instagram business account? If not, why? Let’s chat in the comments below.


How To Design Your Freebie Using Canva

Sometimes you just don’t need to hire a designer to help you create your opt-in freebies, workbooks, and eBooks. And that’s OK. But how can you create and design your own freebies without having any design skills and without the use of Photoshop, Apple Pages, Illustrator or InDesign? Click the video below and take a look at how you can design your freebie using Canva.

7 Tips for a Banging Website

7 Tips for a Banging Website

Your website is a full-blown version of your resume. It’s a virtual business card that can either make or break your personal brand. You really don’t have to have a bunch of pages to entice your visitors. Having just a one-page site is sufficient enough to get you recognized, trusted and build your brand. Check out these 7 tips to create a banging website.

Consistent color palette

First and foremost, your brand colors need to be consistent. You can’t just be all over the place when it comes to your color palette. So how do you create consistent brand colors? First by pinning images that reflect your brand. Ask yourself, what would you like your brand feel? Is it sophisticated, bold or colorful? What are some characteristics your ideal client has that reflect your brand? Answering these questions will help you figure out the direction you want your brand to go. If you absolutely still feel you’re all over the place, then i would suggest you hire a designer to help design a cohesive and consistent brand for you.

Mobile responsive

It’s 2016, zooming in an out of a web page is so 2000! Seriously, if your site is not mobile responsive, then you need to get it up to date asap. Most themes nowadays are already set up for mobile responsiveness which makes it easy to just upload a theme without having to do any extra work to make it responsive. So if your site is still stuck in the 2000 era, please go ahead and upgrade it. You’ll thank me later.

Contact form

Once people hit your site, what do you want them to do? The way you layout your site should be easy to navigate and to the point. That also applies to your contact form. Some say don’t put a contact form, some say do put but I’m for definitely putting it on. Give your contact form a fun name like ‘get started, let’s connect, let’s chat, grab a coffee date, Free assessment, discovery call ‘. Be creative here and add questions that will help better weed out those who aren’t ready to work with you but also don’t overload them with a lot of questions. You could have a contact form that’s on your site or you could opt to have it linked somewhere else like on Typeforms.

7 Tips for a Banging Website
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

3 packages

You don’t need to overwhelm your audience with a lot of packages, courses, services or programs. You’ll just end up making them confused and exit your site. Figure out which packages really suite your audiences needs and reduce them to 3 main ones that are not only the best fit for your audience but ones you feel are right for you. If you’d like to know more on how to create packages that sell, check out Rebecca of The Uncaged Life

Show prices

There is a big debate of whether you should show prices of your services on your site. honestly it all boils down to preference. When I visit sites, the second tab I click on is pricing. I like to know and see how much something costs. It’s all about ones prerogative, but I’m all for showing prices. Showing prices also helps weed out those who aren’t ready for your services.

Email opt-ins

The whole purpose of having a website is to get people to not only identify with your content but you want them to keep coming back for more. How do you do that? By strategically putting your email opt-in forms in places where they can actually get to see it and sign up. Here are some places you can put your opt-in form for better conversion  

  • Top of every page
  • In blog post preferably at the bottom of every blog post 
  • Footer
  • Pop-up 

My two favorite plugins for creating opt-in forms are Bloom a Divi plugin and SumoMe.

testimonials and social proof

You’re an expert at what you do so why not show your expertise so that you can build the ‘like-trust-know’ factor? Putting testimonials or social proof is not bragging, it’s rather building credibility to your brand and business. Are you a published author, have your article published in the Huffington Post, have clients who’ve gotten success and results using your program? Then put that on your website! This is how you’ll attract those dream clients.

Where exactly should you put your social proof? 

  • Your sales pages
  • Your about page
  • A separate testimonial page
  • The home page

Now, go on ahead and see if your website is bangin’. If not implement some of these tips and see people knocking on your web door to work with you. 

9 Best Feminine Stock Photo Sites For Female Entreprenuers

9 Best Feminine Stock Photo Sites For Female Entreprenuers

It’s hard  to actually find some really good stock photos that are feminine and align with your brand. With all the hats you wear in your business, sometimes you just don’t have the time to take your own photos, edit them and post them on your website or social media outlets. That’s when stock photos come in.

Forget what others have said about using stock photos. Stock photos are a life saver, time saver and brand saver!  I’ve made it super easy for you to get the 9 best stock photo sites for female entrepreneurs that will help you get your brand poppin’! Just click on the images in the post to view the sites. 


1. Kaboom Pics

kaboompics.com_Luxury shopping mall

Has an awesome selection of FREE photos. From food photos to home decor, they have it all. Plus did i mention they’re free?!

2. Stocksy

I love love the extensive gallery that Stocksy offers. You do have to pay for the image and it’s based on the size of the image you’d like to download but all so worth it!

3. Pink Pot


Chaitra of Pink Pot has the most cute, minimal, clean and feminine photos. Plus she sends free photo packs if you sign up for her email list.

9 Best Stock Photo Sites For Female Entrepreneurs



4. Rekita Nicole

Pink and Gold - Rekita Nicole

I absolutely love Rekita’s work. She’s such an amazing designer plus she takes amazing feminine photos as well. To get access to images like this one, sign up for her mailing list today!

5. Turquoise and Palm

For just $19 a month you get access to a large gallery of stock photos that’s updated every single month. The selection is big enough for you to find photos that will match your brand.

6. The Stock Shop Girl


When you sign up for The Stock Shop Girl newsletter, you get FREE 25 photos! Yup 25 folks. Don’t walk but run and get those photos!

7. Create Her 


Create Her stock photos are amazing photos featuring women of color. I honestly love their images and being a women of color myself, I love the fact that i can find images that reflect me and my brand.

8. Ashley Ella Designs


Ashley has 20 photos that you can download for FREE (no sign-up required)!

9. Twigy Posts


When i was just starting out in the online world, Jana’s photos were my go to stock photos. I discovered Twigy’s Post via Creative Market and I love the fact that the image are sized to Instagram and blog formats. Check her out!

I’d like to know, what are you fave places to get stock photos for your business?

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