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How your brand identity (or lack thereof) affects your marketing strategy

How your brand identity (or lack thereof) affects your marketing strategy

What are your customers greeted with when they first see you online?

Your brand identity is what you visually represent to your audience that includes your logo design + elements, your messaging/communication, and the brand experience.

Is it pictures of your cats? Your brand identity reflects highly on who you are and what you do. However that doesn’t mean you have to be someone who you’re not.  Lets see how your brand identity (or lack thereof) affects your marketing strategy.

Let’s first get what a brand strategy is and what a marketing strategy is before we go further. A lot of people confuse branding with marketing and vise versa.

Branding Strategy Vs. Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy
Focuses on long term assets like loyalty, consistency, influence, experience and reach to ensure your customers remain fans of the brand .

Marketing Strategy
Drives customers to a particular item or thing that’s being offered for a limited time i.e products, sales, discounts etc.

So now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss about how your brand identity (or lack thereof) can affect your marketing strategy

1. Establishing yourself as an expert in your niche

In order to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, you’ve got to build and gain trust first.

People buy from brands they know and trust.

Having a brand identity that looks consistent and cohesive helps build that trust. You don’t want your audience to see bright pinks or bright yellows in your visuals when those colors are not your brand colors. Stick to your color palette and brand elements that help identify your unique brand.

Showing up consistently is one of the ways to gain and build trust. Consistency builds expectations. Being consistent helps tremendously with your marketing strategy becuase your audience comes to expect when you post, how you post and what you post.

Putting out out valuable content is also another way to establish your expertise in your niche. Don’t hold back from your audience. Give, give, give, and give some more. So when it comes time to promote your book, your course, workshop or event, they’re are ready to support you.

How your brand identity (or lack thereof) affects your marketing strategy

2. Conveys your messaging clearly

After you’ve identified who you are, what you do, what your brand values are, your mission, your vision, your unique selling proposition and also who your audience is, you need now to come and bring all of these elements together and create your brand message.

Start with the way you communicate/talk. Are you humorous, quirky, technical? How you talk (and write) helps define your brand message. Your brand voice really helps convey the message, visuals and whatever else you’re doing to capture your audience’s attention.

Your core values play a big role in shaping your brand message because they’re based on your personality and your voice. And your voice is how you speak.

I will tell be the first to tell you to write like how you speak. I mean how else will you able to connect with your audience if you don’t use your authentic voice to write to your audience?

3. Branding is about an experience

What experience are you giving your clients? Your experience is unique to you and it’s all about the details. If you don’t have an established brand identity, how else would you be able to give your client that unique experience that makes them want to work with you or buy your products over and over again?

The brand experience also includes being consistent be it in using your color palette, imagery, writing style, brand elements like typography, and even posting times/schedules.

Your brand identity helps communicate your values, your personality, your products/services and your niche. Without any of these, you’re simply a ghost lurking in the shadows.

Facebook Blueprint: Learn How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Blueprint: Learn How to Advertise on Facebook

In this tutorial, i’ll walk you through how to use Facebook’s elearning platform Facebook Blueprint.

This is a platform that’s created by Facebook to help you with digital marketing and getting started with using Facebook ads.

Facebook Blueprint is absolutely FREE to use and the cool thing is you can get certified as a Facebook ads expert to establish yourself as an expert in the digital marketing space.

Don’t forget to subscribe, share and hit the thumbs up button if you liked this video.


4 ways to Boost your Brand for Success

4 ways to Boost your Brand for Success

Got the branding blues? Well you shouldn’t really. I know you’re probably on comparison mode most of the time (heck I am too!) that means your human.

But you seriously need to snap outta of it now…done? OK let me show 4 ways you can boost your brand for success and take your brand from meh to awesome!


Do your visuals portray your brand? Do they speak the message you’re trying to convey?

Visuals play a major role by capturing your audiences attention the minute they land on your site, visit your Instagram page or interact with your brand. Try and be unique by taking your own photos for your brand or use stock photos that relate to your industry and color palette.

How your brand is perceived by others is how you will make money and impact in your business.


Your topography and brand colors need to be consistent. You can’t be green today, blue tomorrow and brown next week. Create a palette that would make it easy for you to acquire images that will reflect your brand

Brand experience

Branding is an experience. Figure out how you want people to feel when they hit your website or see your social media posts. When they see you, how would you like for them to connect with you and your brand?

Branding is a process of building a positive set of experiences for the people who need to know about you.


Be YOURSELF! Don’t care what others think about you, how you look, how you sound, or how you act. You’re only one YOU in this universe, why waste your energy being someone-else? How you connect your brand to your audience is by being your true authentic self. That imperfect photo of you with messy hair and messy desk, it’s ok to publish it. Show your vulnerable side and start fighting perfectionism. 

What are some other ways you could boost your brand for success? 


3 Ways to Build a Relationship With Your Audience

3 Ways to Build a Relationship With Your Audience

The first rule of any business is people to people (well that’s my first rule of business).

In order to grow your business, you need to build relationships with your people before you even think of pitching products or services to them. The number one reason a lot of entrepreneurs fail in the first 6-12 months of starting their business is because they put profits before people.

How do you build relationships? Freebies are involved but they aren’t the end all and be all of your sales strategy. Here’s 3 ways to build a relationship with your audience.

1. Hosting pitch-free webinars or live videos streams and provide solutions to problems your audience may be facing. Video is the most easiest and fastest way to build relationships with your audience. And video is the best marketing strategy for 2017.

I know it can be scary to put yourself out there, especially on live video. But if you want to conquer the fear, you’ve gotta just do it! If you have an audience that’s already loving your written content, you can re-purpose that content into bite size snaps, instastories, or you tube videos. Always be where your audience hangout.

Now with Facebook Live around there’s no need of having working with complicated webinar platforms. Just create a graphic for your webinar, send it to you list and post it on social media. Then on the day you’ve scheduled to go live, you just go live! A plus for hosting your webinars on Facebook Live is that your videos will get shared and seen by a lot more people.

2. Instead of liking, comment instead. If you don’t have anything genuine to say then don’t say anything.

A big mistake I see people make on their social media platforms is writing comments that don’t relate to the posted captions. Or even worse, posting bot-like comments. Have you seen a post that shows a person in a hospital bed and then some of the comments are “good job” or the “clapping” emoji?! I mean seriously!

Why not just take the time to actually write a heartfelt comment. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all.

3.  Ask questions, give back great advice and be genuine. If you don’t know, say so.

Craft posts that get your readers engaged. Posts that ask questions, or have call to actions to get your readers to engage with your content. Your blog posts should have a purpose. Craft purposeful posts.

What are some ways you build relationships?


Three ways to build a memorable brand

Three ways to build a memorable brand

Building a brand is surely not easy. Building a brand that’s memorable is easy. But you need to have an identity first in order to build a memorable brand. Read these 3 ways to build a memorable brand.

1. Build an Identity


How can you build an identity? You start by thinking visually. The identity would be through your logo your topography, your style, your graphics and your values this is all an identity and this is how you can get to build an identity. People need to know how they can identify with you. how can they relate to you on a level that they will eventually become your customers and eventually become your loyal fans.

That’s why branding is really important in the first stages of building your business because this is how you get to build that identity, connect with people and for people to visually see who you are what you do and why you do what you do.

Need help creating your brand identity? Check out my design package that includes a brand strategy session, custom logo, a color palette, typography and mood board designed to help you make a memorable brand.

2. Consistency


Consistency is key when building your brand. Being inconsistent confuses your ideal audience. Therefore when you’re first starting out building your brand you need to sit down and come up with a plan and a great way to do so is by first identifying who your talking too.

Who is that one particular dream client your trying to attract? Then start curating inspirational images, fonts, color palettes that you can incorporate in your brand. My mini brand plan worksheet is a sure way to help you identity who your ideal client is, craft your why and discover your brands core values so you can create a consistent brand.

Once you’ve visually seen how you want your brand to be portrayed, either hire a designer or DIY your own brand by creating the logo, picking the typography and color palettes. I know it can be overwhelming in the beginning and that’s ok.

As your business grows so does your brand and it’s ok to re-brand as you grow (however please don’t do this every year. Only do it when it’s necessary).

Then consistently incorporate your brand elements in your business. Whether it’s your products, website, newsletter emails, or social media. People will not only associate your brand elements to your brand but your images as well.

3. Make an Impact


How do you make an impact? By being authentic. Strive for transformations and the results your services or products offer. Show that you are human! You have feelings, emotions and senses.

Share these in your message. It’s not always ‘business as usual’. Show your personal side like family time, gym time, rants, wins, frustrations etc. Build a personal brand first and the business brand will follow.

How To Use The Evernote Web Clipper

How To Use The Evernote Web Clipper

A tool I absolutely love using for my business and life is Evernote.

It not only helps me organize all my notes in easy to find notebooks, but helps make it so very easy to find and save online articles right from your web browser!

Watch this tutorial as i walk you through how to use Evernote web clipper.



Client Spotlight: Lord & Myers

Client Spotlight: Lord & Myers

Katie was a winner to a Instagram giveaway I did! I was giving a away a pre-made branding collection which includes a logo, moodboard and color palette already picked out.

The reason why I she won was not only becsue she followed the rules of the giveaway, but one of the questions i asked to the participants was “why would they benefit from this giveaway”. Her response was

“I’m working on a dream of mine, to finally stand out instead of being passed by. I’m currently in a huge transition from my current workplace to redefining what work looks like for me – finding joy, focusing on positive. I’ve always taken care of everyone else’s needs, and finally want to focus on my needs, desires and passions. My husband is currently working a demanding schedule in residency, I’m in trying hard to equip myself with the tools to be launched successfully and beyond. This would help greatly, and no one could appreciate the boost more than me. Thanks for this giveaway, no matter who wins!”

Her response really touched me because i’ve been exactly where she was. Being a newbie, you don’t have everything figured out. And she deserved to be taken care of especially with her branding needs.

Check out the final design of the branding template she chose.

Client Spotlight: HomeBeautifully

Client Spotlight: HomeBeautifully

Cynthia’s brand was fun to work with! I met Cynthia when I was looking for a copywriter to help me with my site copy. Although I had picked someone else to do the copy, she ended up being a client and my ideal client at that!

Cynthia is a home DIY blogger over at She creates amazing interior and decor projects that are simple,easy and fun to do. She wanted her brand and blog design to be simple rustic and a little boho-chic.

Check out her blog re-design and branding.

Client Spotlight: Gabrielle

Client Spotlight: Gabrielle

I met Gabrielle through my first Instagram giveaway I was hosting with two other ladies. We immediately hit it off and when she asked me to be a part of her mastermind Purpose Partners, I immediately said yes.

Gabrielle is very bold (in a good way), humble, outspoken and will tell it to you like it is. She doesn’t hold back at all! During our mastermind chats, she hinted that she’s looking into re-branding her business and immediately jumped in and offered her my services.

What she was looking for in her brand was bold, vibrant and sophisticated. Check out the brand I designed for her.


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