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New entrepreneurs get distracted or rather never prioritize about building their brand from the minute they finish their business plan. A lot of ‘guru’s’ out there would tell you to not focus on branding until you’ve ‘made it’ in your industry. Well i’m here to tell you the 5 branding myths every entrepreneur should know. ¬†

1. Hold out on branding until your successful

Lies, lies, lies! Your branding should be the 2nd most important thing in your business. It’s what sets you apart from the competition. It’s what helps build the like, trust and know factor.

2. Branding is a logo

Ummm, heck no! Branding is an experience you provide your ideal client. Branding is using the 5 senses to make a decision on a product that or service. Yes your colors, logo and other elements matter but your customers care more about the quality of your product.

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4. It’s my business, I can post pictures of my cats if I want

……….. (giving you the what the heck look). Separate your business from your personal life please. With visuals playing a big part of how customers buy, your posts on social media should show who you are and what you do. Embody your brand by posting relevant content that will help turn your ideal customer to a paying client. Your cat won’t do that for ya!

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5. Branding = Marketing

Sorry to bust your bubble but branding is an experience, values and beliefs. Marketing is a method or strategy used to get more eye balls on your business. Please don’t confuse the two.

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