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Got the branding blues? Well you shouldn’t really. I know you’re probably on comparison mode most of the time (heck I am too!) that means your human.

But you seriously need to snap outta of it now…done? OK let me show 4 ways you can boost your brand for success and take your brand from meh to awesome!


Do your visuals portray your brand? Do they speak the message you’re trying to convey?

Visuals play a major role by capturing your audiences attention the minute they land on your site, visit your Instagram page or interact with your brand. Try and be unique by taking your own photos for your brand or use stock photos that relate to your industry and color palette.

How your brand is perceived by others is how you will make money and impact in your business.


Your topography and brand colors need to be consistent. You can’t be green today, blue tomorrow and brown next week. Create a palette that would make it easy for you to acquire images that will reflect your brand

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Brand experience

Branding is an experience. Figure out how you want people to feel when they hit your website or see your social media posts. When they see you, how would you like for them to connect with you and your brand?

Branding is a process of building a positive set of experiences for the people who need to know about you.


Be YOURSELF! Don’t care what others think about you, how you look, how you sound, or how you act. You’re only one YOU in this universe, why waste your energy being someone-else? How you connect your brand to your audience is by being your true authentic self. That imperfect photo of you with messy hair and messy desk, it’s ok to publish it. Show your vulnerable side and start fighting perfectionism. 

What are some other ways you could boost your brand for success? 


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